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How We Work

No one person’s needs are the same as another. But financial professionals need a special skill set to properly support families who have a loved one with special needs.

Our team is specially trained to create comprehensive financial and social strategies for those with special needs — bridging the gap between community, government, and long-term support to help them live the lives they desire. Work with a special needs financial professional to:

  • Establish strategies to fund a special needs trust
  • Manage government benefits and eligibility
  • Find the right attorney
  • Plan a “three-person retirement”
  • Address multigenerational wealth management
  • Conduct advanced insurance planning
  • Develop tax planning strategies for special needs situations
Client Centered

Have you have arranged to leave more than $2,000 to my dependent with special needs?

To continue to receive certain government benefits, dependents with special needs cannot have assets in their name totaling more than $2,000. Make sure your legal planning & financial planning are coordinated so all beneficiaries are updated to reflect the provisions in your will and/or your special needs trust. It's important to work with a financial professional who specializes in helping special needs families to help ensure these mistakes are not made within your financial plan.

How We Help


We have a list of qualified special needs estate planning attorneys and professionals that we can connect you with.


We are here to be a community resource and in turn connect you to additional resources within the community whether it be financial-related or not. 


Our goal is to educate you on variety of special needs trust funding options as well as ways caregivers can prepare for the financial future of their dependent with special needs. 

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